Worth Reading: Spotlighting Good Books for the Classroom

December 1, 2023

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Worth Reading: Spotlighting Good Books for the Classroom

By Melissa Mikel, FSWC Director of Education

A World of Kindness, from the editors and illustrators of Pajama Press, is a book that proposes a real and meaningful approach for young people to make the world a better place. Posed as questions, the authors encourage readers to think about how their everyday actions can spread empathy and kindness.

Each page features a different illustrator and illustration style that clearly depicts the simple text throughout the story. A CBC Books Top Ten Bestselling Canadian Book for over 20 weeks, A World of Kindness provides readers with a chance to think about their actions, set goals, and inspire each other to take action.

“I'm always on the lookout for new ways to talk about kindness with my students,” wrote one teacher. “This book is perfect for starting a discussion...This is a perfect book for reading aloud. After an initial read through, educators could talk about one page a day and have a wonderful discussion. It's also a great book for studying different styles of illustration and what makes them effective."