| A Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) training program

The Challenge and The Solution

Many employers now invest significant time and funds in DEI programming for their teams. To ensure it’s inclusive, you must first recognize its gaps. Once you identify that the Canadian Jewish experience with antisemitism is absent or underrepresented in your current DEI space, we recommend that you contact us for our Antisemitism: Then and Now presentation.


Times and expectations have changed. Today, companies and organizations recognize their success is linked to their sensitivity to Canada’s increasingly multicultural society. If they want an effective workforce, diversity, equity and inclusion are no longer a nice-to-have but rather a need-to-have. But what happens when that programming is itself not fully inclusive and doesn’t live up to the equity and diversity it’s supposed to ensure?


While DEI-training in Canada promotes tolerance and a respect of multiculturalism, too often its content excludes Jews and ignores or downplays antisemitism. This despite Canadian Jews being the most targeted religious minority when it comes to hate crimes, according to Statistics Canada.


Providing a greater understanding of Canada’s Jewish community, our program, Antisemitism: Then and Now, helps employers and employees to ensure that Jewish voices are heard, respected and understood. Our 90-minute presentation covers historical and contemporary antisemitism, how to address it and ways to build allyship. As part of its content, it provides the following:



We have presented Antisemitism: Then and Now to leading companies, educational institutions and government agencies. Here’s a selection of private businesses and public bodies that requested that we help their DEI efforts by way of this seminar.


We welcome starting a conversation on this important issue. Please contact Zach Sadowski, Director of Antisemitism Programming and Outreach, at Friends of Simon Wiesenthel Center zsadowski@fswc.ca

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