The Long Road To Justice

Simon Wiesenthal’s life remains a testament to universal truths about the importance of pursuing justice in the face of crimes against humanity, and the need to uphold democratic freedoms and human rights for all people. As a Holocaust survivor who saw the inside of several concentration camps during the Second World War, his story also provides a unique and powerful entry-point for learning about the Holocaust.  

Made possible in part through funding from the Government of Ontario, The Long Road to Justice: The Story of Simon Wiesenthal  is an illustrated biography of Wiesenthal’s life.  Written by Daniella Lurion and Melissa Mikel and illustrated by Elena Kingsbury, the picture book is an age-appropriate introduction to one of the most difficult chapters in human history, the Holocaust, as well as antisemitism, the underlying hatred that allowed this crime to happen.  The Long Road to Justice is a ready-made classroom resource, accessible in both French and English, and provided by FSWC free-of-charge to Ontario classrooms. In addition to the story, a study guide to support classroom learning has also been created and can be accessed in both English and French here.  

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