The Antisemitism Classroom Toolkit (ACT) is one tool in expanding the equity, diversity, and inclusion lessons in your classroom.  Teaching and learning about antisemitism is necessary in understanding the landscape of hate and intolerance in our world today.  Most importantly, learning about antisemitism is necessary in helping our youth develop strategies and skills that counter hate and intolerance, and build more inclusive and respectful communities both around the world and, more specifically, here in Canada. This 90-minute workshop will provide a hands-on opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with the resource, interact with the content, and begin to plan on how to integrate the program into your classroom curriculum.


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Human Rights Story Corner

Since the 1990s, children’s books have embraced a broad spectrum of human rights topics, allowing young people to learn about and explore complex issues and ideas.

Literature is a powerful way to begin important conversations about racism and intolerance, and counter hateful messaging to develop a more inclusive mindset. The FSWC Education team regularly selects and records new picture book stories for teachers to share with students in Grades 3 to 5 along with related activities to support classroom learning.

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In Conversation with a Survivor series

FSWC proudly partners with the Montrealbased Raoul Wallenberg Centre for Human Rights to present an engaging bi-weekly online speaker series called In Conversation with a Survivor.

Featuring individuals who, against all odds, lived through mass atrocities such as the Holocaust; the program gives them an opportunity to share their harrowing stories and offer important lessons to be learned. Launched in 2020, the series provides compelling real-life testimony of survival from a variety of human rights abuses, and helps empower people of all ages to stand up and speak out in the face of hate and injustice.

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Every May, Jewish Heritage Month provides Canadians of all ages and backgrounds an opportunity to learn about the country’s Jewish community and significant Jewish contributions to Canada's social, economic, political and cultural fabric.

In 2018, Parliament officially approved the bill establishing the annual event. Sponsored by former Senator Linda Frum and former MP Michael Levitt, (now the President and CEO of FSWC), its groundwork was laid in 2015 when former MP Irwin Cotler introduced the substance of the bill.

To enhance participation in Jewish Heritage Month, FSWC has produced a resource guidebook for community groups and school boards across the country which we are pleased to share with you. It includes a wealth of information and resources about the Jewish community to assist you in presenting engaging and meaningful learning opportunities for your audience.