AVI and FSWC Launch #WeAreStrong Campaign

February 8, 2024

Community Update

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In the aftermath of the October 7 atrocities and the surge in antisemitism, have you or someone you know taken a public stand in solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people, making a positive difference in the community? We want to hear from you!

As you know, since October 7, Israel and Jews around the world have been the target of a tsunami of hate, both online and in person. This toxic phenomenon, most evident on social media, is vicious, often using age-old antisemitic tropes.

Fortunately, many Jews and non-Jews have taken a stand in response to this vile onslaught.

In recognition of these exemplary individuals, Allied Voices for Israel (AVI) and Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC) are now launching a new campaign that will spotlight the actions of Jews and their allies in standing up to the hate.  

Please submit an image or video of you or someone you'd like to nominate, along with a description of how you or your nominee has inspired and empowered the community and stood in strength and solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people since October 7.

The image or video can be an action shot of you or your nominee actively participating in their chosen initiative (see above example), or just a photo of your face so we know who you are. If selected, these visuals will be shared across AVI and FSWC’s social media platforms, along with your blurb, in hopes of inspiring others to spread light in a world that seems shrouded in the shadow of so much darkness.

It’s time to stand in our power, celebrate our strengths, share in one another’s positive actions, and, most importantly, recognize that we are not alone.


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