Community Intelligence Brief: February 28, 2024

February 28, 2024


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New Federal Legislation Proposed to Combat Hate in Canada

In a statement issued yesterday, Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC) expressed approval of the introduction of Bill C-63 in Canada’s House of Commons as an important step in the ongoing fight against hate but urged more definitive action against antisemitism. The proposed new legislation, tabled by Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada Arif Virani, calls for the enactment of the Online Harms Act to promote online safety, especially for minors, as well as seeks to amend the Criminal Code and Canadian Human Rights Act to help combat hate.

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Toronto Man Charged in Hate-Motivated Investigation That Saw 'King of Kensington' Statue Vandalized

Toronto police have arrested a 41-year-old man suspected of vandalizing the statue of the late Jewish Canadian actor and director Al Waxman in Toronto's Kensington Market with "Vote for Hamas" graffiti. FSWC called the incident an "utterly reprehensible act of antisemitism."

"There must be no room for such hatred and promotion of terror in this city. We appreciate the prompt and resolute investigation by Toronto police that has led to an arrest and charges laid," said FSWC President and CEO Michael Levitt.

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Toronto Man Charged After Allegedly Vandalizing Buildings with Antisemitic Graffiti

A 35-year-old Toronto man is facing charges after several buildings were vandalized with antisemitic graffiti. The same individual was previously charged for two separate incidents targeting the Jewish community, having committed antisemitic assaults and displayed a swastika in public.

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The Hunt for Canada’s Last Nazis

Global News takes a deep dive into Canada's history of welcoming Nazi war criminals into the country and the subsequent failure to bring them to justice, speaking with criminologist Abbee Corb who has been pursuing suspected Nazis to hold them to account.

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McGill Served with Legal Action After Antisemitic Blockade

A Montreal lawyer, representing two unnamed McGill University students, has served a mise-en-demeure by bailiff on the university's president following the Feb. 22 anti-Israel and antisemitic blockade of the university’s Bronfman Building. The notice says the university failed to "maintain safety and security on campus" and the students he's representing were "illegally and unlawfully" impeded from entering the McGill campus to pursue their studies.

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Courage to Disagree, with Respect: York University Student Initiative 'Bridging the Gap' Promotes Civil Dialogue on Israel

A recent panel discussion at York University involved Arab and Jewish students from the Bridging the Gap initiative, focusing on the recent Hamas attack on Israel and the subsequent war, sparking tense exchanges but also showcasing civil dialogue. Despite disagreements, participants emphasized the importance of respectful discourse and understanding diverse perspectives.

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The New Antisemitism

"In antisemitic discourse, Jews are always made to exemplify what a given group of people considers to be the worst feature of the social order in which they live," Noah Feldman, Harvard professor and author of the new book To Be a Jew Today: A New Guide to God, Israel, and the Jewish People, writes in Time magazine. In his piece, "The New Antisemitism," Feldman discusses historical antisemitism and the complicated and subtle new form of antisemitism we are seeing today, stating, "antisemitism is morphing again, right now, before our very eyes."

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What an AI Image of a Holocaust Survivor Can Teach Us About Remembrance

As people tackle AI technology disadvantages, such as deepfakes and the spread of hate, many organizations like the Shoah Foundation and Toronto Holocaust Museum are using immersive technologies to preserve and share the stories of Holocaust survivors and educate the public on the dangers of hate.

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Thousands of Jewish Teens Fill Times Square, Hear from Nova Massacre Survivors

Some 3,000 Jewish teenagers from 30 countries gathered at Times Square in New York last Saturday for an annual "Jewish Pride Takeover" Chabad event. The crowd chanted "Bring them home" and was led in the recitation of a psalm by two survivors of the Nova music festival.

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Hostage Families Set Out on Four-Day March from Supernova Massacre Site to Jerusalem

The families of hostages who remain captive in Gaza set out on a four-day march from Kibbutz Re’im - the site of the Supernova music festival where some 360 people were murdered by Hamas terrorists - to Jerusalem on Wednesday morning, under the banner of "United to free the hostages."

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