Community Intelligence Brief: January 24, 2024

January 24, 2024


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Almost 80 Years After the Holocaust, 245,000 Jewish Survivors Are Still Alive

According to a newly released report from the Claims Conference, approximately 245,000 Jewish survivors of the Holocaust are still alive today, living across more than 90 countries. Nearly half of all survivors currently live in Israel, followed by 18 per cent in Western Europe, 16 per cent in the US and 12 per cent in countries of the former Soviet Union.

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Man Charged with Willful Promotion of Hatred After Allegedly Distributing Antisemitic Flyers in Peterborough

The Peterborough Police Service has announced that, for the first time, it has laid a charge of willful promotion of hatred. Police received authorization from the Ministry of Attorney General to lay the charge in connection with the distribution of antisemitic flyers linked to a neo-Nazi group last summer.

In an online post, FSWC welcomed the update and applauded Peterborough police "for their determined efforts in response to this case of antisemitism."

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Toronto Jews Anxious Amid Unprecedented Antisemitic Spillover from Gaza War

FSWC's very own Robert Sarner writes about the barrage of antisemitism experienced by Jews in Toronto since Oct. 7 and how the community continues to stand strong in the face of hate.

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2 Men Arrested in Relation to Demonstration at Toronto Eaton Centre Last December

Over the weekend, the Toronto Police Service notified the public that two men were arrested in relation to a demonstration last month at Eaton Centre, including a man who allegedly yelled "I'll put you six feet deep." Both have been charged with unlawful assembly, mischief interfering with property and assaulting a peace officer, and one of the men is facing additional charges of being a member of an unlawful assembly while masked and uttering threats.

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Calling for the Genocide of Jews Violates Our Codes of Conduct, Canadian Universities Say to MPs

Twenty-seven Canadian universities have responded to a letter from five Canadian MPs, declaring that calling for the genocide of Jews violates their codes of conduct. In December, MPs Anthony Housefather, Marco Mendicino, David Lametti, Anna Gainey and Ben Carr called on the universities to clarify their policies in the wake of a major controversy on the issue in the US.

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Elon Musk Visits Auschwitz, Says He Was 'Naive' About Antisemitism

On Monday, Elon Musk took a private tour of the site of the former Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, calling the experience "incredibly moving" and stating he was "frankly naive" about the spread of antisemitism. The Tesla Inc. chief and X owner defended his social platform against accusations of spreading antisemitism.

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21 IDF Soldiers Killed as Hamas Causes Gaza Buildings to Collapse

In the worst one-day attack since the beginning of the Gaza war, 21 IDF soldiers were killed on Monday and several others were injured when Hamas forces fired rocket-propelled grenades on buildings the soldiers were inside.

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Grieving Family Members Plant Seedlings at Site of Hamas’s Supernova Massacre

This evening marks the Jewish holiday of Tu BiShvat, otherwise known as the New Year of the Trees. Leading up to this day, families of those who were murdered by Hamas at the Supernova festival in Israel on Oct. 7 participated in a special tree-planting ceremony at the site. Some 1,000 people planted around 200 seedlings in memory of the young lives lost and in hope of bringing new life.

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‘Barbenheimer,’ ‘Maestro’ and ‘The Zone of Interest’ Lead Large Crop of Jewish-Inspired Oscar Nominations

Several films with Jewish roots have received Oscar nominations, including Oppenheimer, a biopic of the Jewish "father of the atomic bomb"; Barbie, at the centre of which is the doll created by Jewish inventor Ruth Handler and which was greenlit by Jewish Israeli Mattel CEO Ynon Kreiz; Maestro, a biopic of Jewish composer-conductor Leonard Bernstein; and The Zone of Interest, a film loosely based on the real-life Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss and directed by British Jewish filmmaker Jonathan Glazer.

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