Hate and Violence Targeting Jewish Community Witnessed Throughout Canada

May 19, 2021


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A devastating by-product of the current crisis in Israel is the increase in intimidation, harassment and assault incidents targeting the Jewish community that are being reported across Canada. From Montreal to Vancouver, individuals have been posting harrowing experiences online of being confronted verbally or attacked physically for merely being a member of the Jewish community and defending Israel.

Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center (FSWC) denounces the numerous hateful incidents that have been witnessed across the country, including in Mississauga, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Edmonton, just to name a few.

During this difficult time, FSWC has been tackling incidents reported to the organization and other incidents that arise. We remain in touch with law enforcement, elected officials and leaders in education to ensure the safety of the Jewish community, that our voices are heard, and that incidents of hate are properly investigated and perpetrators are brought to justice.

We commend all police and elected officials who have taken action and spoken out against this recent escalation of antisemitism.