Community Intelligence Brief: February 7, 2024

February 7, 2024


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Politics Trumped Legal Advice in Decision Not to Revoke Citizenship of Nazi in 1960s

Newly declassified pages from the Rodal Report, written to help inform the work of the 1985 Commission of Inquiry on War Criminals in Canada, reveal that the decision to not revoke the citizenship of a suspected Nazi war criminal was heavily based on the advice of then-justice minister Pierre Trudeau. FSWC welcomed the Canadian government's further declassification of the report, stating, "The report provides insight into Canada’s shameful history of admitting many former Nazis and their collaborators to the country, almost all of whom lived out their lives in Canada undisturbed, without ever having to face justice."

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Prime Minister Invited Waffen-SS Veteran Hunka to His Official Reception for Zelensky

In addition to being invited to Canada's House of Commons by then-Speaker Anthony Rota, Nazi war veteran Yaroslav Hunka was also invited by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to a special reception in Toronto. FSWC said Hunka's invitation to both "constitutes a failure in vetting, which is a source of pain and embarrassment to Canada’s Jewish community, Holocaust survivors, WWII veterans and Canadians writ large" and "it is critical that the necessary steps are taken by both Parliament and the Prime Minister’s Office to ensure that no such debacle ever happens again."

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Canada Sanctions Hamas Leaders as Joly Says More Aid Must Reach Gaza Strip

The Canadian government announced yesterday that it is sanctioning 10 individuals affiliated with Hamas, including senior leader Yahya Sinwar, and one associated with Palestinian Islamic Jihad. This marks the first time Canada has handed down individual sanctions against non-state actors, with the move aimed at hindering the ability of Hamas to access funds.

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Jewish Groups Decry BC MLA's Cabinet Exit, as Premier Slams 'Hateful Messages' on Constituency Office

BC Premier David Eby denounced the hateful vandalism of MLA Selina Robinson's constituency office, as Jewish groups decried the premier's removal of the former minister from cabinet over her remarks on the Middle East. A group of nine rabbis signed a letter to Eby supporting Robinson, stating they believe he "capitulated to a small but loud group of people," even after the MLA issued an apology.

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NHL Criticized for Hiring Anti-Israel Anthem Singer Kiana Ledé for All-Star Game in Toronto

The National Hockey League is facing backlash after R&B singer Kiana Ledé, wearing a cardigan with a pattern similar to a keffiyeh, performed the American national anthem at the all-star game in Toronto this past weekend, after she previously warned fans that Zionists should stay at home.

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Pope Condemns Anti-Judaism, Antisemitism Amid New Wave of Attacks Against Jews

In a letter to the Jewish population of Israel, Pope Francis condemned all forms of antisemitism, labelling it as a "sin against God" and declaring that "we, Catholics, are very concerned about the terrible increase in attacks against Jews around the world."

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At Grammys, Montana Tucker Highlights Hamas Hostages with Large Yellow Ribbon

Singer and social media influencer Montana Tucker walked the red carpet at the Grammys on Sunday night in a dress meant to call attention to the Israelis who remain hostages in Gaza. The dress featured a large yellow ribbon with the words "Bring Them Home." The CEO of the Recording Academy, Harvey Mason Jr., also paid tribute during the awards ceremony to the victims of the Supernova massacre, as he listed a series of fatal attacks at concerts or music festivals.

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New Argentine President Lands in Israel With Pledge to Move Embassy to Jerusalem

Argentina’s newly elected President Javier Milei arrived in Israel on Tuesday for a three-day visit, pledging to move his country’s embassy in the Jewish state to Jerusalem alongside a commitment to designate Hamas as a terrorist organization.

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Pearl Berg, World’s Oldest Jewish Person and 9th-Oldest Overall, Dies at 114

Pearl Berg, thought to be the oldest Jewish person in the world and the third oldest American, died Thursday in Los Angeles. She was 114.

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