Community Intelligence Brief: February 1, 2023

February 1, 2023


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Auschwitz Was Liberated 78 Years Ago. Where Are We Now?

In a touching Times of Israel piece, Grade 12 TanenbaumCHAT student Kyle Goldenberg, a great-grandson of Holocaust survivors, reflects on his recent trip to Poland and Israel, which included visits to Auschwitz-Birkenau and other sites of former Nazi concentration and death camps, and where the world is now - with the Jewish community having come a long way and remaining resilient since the Holocaust, but antisemitism still running rampant.

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The 7 Victims of Jerusalem Terror Shooting Named

The seven victims killed in Friday's terror attack near a synagogue in Jerusalem were identified as Asher Natan, 14, Eli, 48, and Natali Mizrahi, 45, Ilya Sosansky, 26, Rafael Ben Eliyahu, 56, Irina Korolova, 59, and Shaul Hai, 68. The terror attack, the deadliest in Israel since 2011, came as the world marked International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

"7 innocent lives taken because of hate," FSWC expressed in an online post. "Our hearts are with the families mourning the tragic loss of their loved ones... May the victims' memories be a blessing."

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Amazon Canada Removes Some Hateful Items After Pressure from Jewish Orgs

In a joint statement released yesterday, FSWC, B'nai Brith Canada and Liberation75 shared that Amazon Canada removed some of the offensive items relating to the Holocaust that were found on its website late last year. However, the groups expressed dissatisfaction with the company's "continued silence, refusal to stop facilitating all sales of offensive items, and failure to provide a plan to prevent further appalling sales.”

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Fighting the Rise in Antisemitism Through Holocaust Education

"The goal is not to have every student change the world, it’s to have one student change their world or the people around them," Tour for Humanity Director Daniella Lurion told Global News reporter Caryn Lieberman who recently visited FSWC's mobile education centre to witness the impact of Holocaust education in the fight against antisemitism and hate.

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How Trauma Suffered by Holocaust Survivors Has Affected the Next Generation

"People ask, 'Do you have your parents' memories?' No, but you do absorb those memories as if you lived through the trauma," said Marilyn Sinclair, founder of Liberation75 and a child of a Holocaust survivor. CBC's The National recently spoke with local children of survivors about how their parents' experiences and trauma impacted their own lives.

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Holocaust Becoming More Acknowledged in Arab World—Report

A report by the Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry at Tel Aviv University notes an encouraging trend in several Arab countries where there has been growing recognition of the history of antisemitism and the crimes of the Nazis.

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Parliament Poised to Vote on Asylum for Uyghurs Fleeing China

Members of Parliament are set to vote today on a motion that calls on Canada to accept 10,000 Uyghurs and other Turkic minorities as part of its refugee intake. In 2021, Parliament declared that China is committing genocide against the Uyghurs and other minorities.

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Report Antisemitism and News of Concern to FSWC

If you would like to report antisemitism or news of concern to Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center, please email